Special moments are gone too soon. The little boy drives away to college. The tiny ballerina now lives in another town. And this year's reunion was the last for the family patriarch.  Photography is a good way to document the memories of special times.  But it takes skill and art to capture the sweetness of the moment.  HJB Photography turns your wedding day, family gathering, or special event into life-long, visual memories. Contact us to find out how we can affordably meet your needs.


Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable. Too often all that remains after the cake is gone is a box of snapshots. HJB Photography can help you capture the day so that years later you can relive that happy time.



Some things quickly change even though we want them to stay the same. As families grow, they sometimes drift apart, and a collection of photos can help preserve what binds the clan together.  Special events are also a part of family memories.



Portraits capture the inner character that is reflected in the way we look and dress. But too often, photos don't capture the inner personality. Awkward poses, forced smiles, and unfamiliar surroundings often distract from the goal of capturing the real person.