Cherished photos may seem invaluable, but they don't have to cost a mint. We can meet your photographic needs while staying within your budget. 


A wedding offers many options for photography, and your budget is often a major factor. our products and services are charged on an a-la-carte basis, which means you choose what you want without being constrained by some predefined packages.

For example, a formal 16 by 20 inch bridal portrait, printed and framed is $450.  A typical wedding, with portrait, 8 hours on the day of the event, review of proofs through an on-line gallery, and delivery of final photos in digital form, is less than $2,000. That includes enhancement of all final photos using our advanced digital editing tools.

We typically have two photographers and back-up equipment at the day of the event.   There is additional charges if travel expenses are incurred.

Other Photography

Family portraiture, event photography, and commercial work vary greatly in cost due to the venue, use of our studio, advanced editing requirements, etc. Feel free to contact us for a quotation on the services you need.